14 SEER Split System Heat Pump

14 SEER Slit System Heat Pump

709397A | Published: 9/14

Split System Heat Pump Single Phase

710507D Archived 5/2/23 | Published: 4/14

Split System Heat Pump (Outdoor Section) 1.5 -3.5 tons

710658a Archived 07/16/2012 | Published: 8/10

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Please note that the 4th and 5th digits of your serial number indicate the year and the 6th and 7th digits indicate the month. To find the correct document, please look at the document’s published date.

14 SEER R-410A Split System Heat Pump

7094080 Archived 6/5/13 | Published: 4/12

Quick Reference Data Guide, *T4BE, Flat Top

7093570 Archived 1/26/2015 | Published: 2/12

Looking for the correct fixed orifice for a given system? See the outdoor unit’s QRD. NOTE: The part number for a fixed orifice begins with “664” and is followed by the orifice size listed on the QRD. For example, if the QRD shows a fixed orifice of 0.050 then the part number for that fixed orifice is 664050.

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