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Price sheet for Model LDAP

$-LDAP_1216 | Published: 12/16

Gasket kit for replacement heat exchanger for Model LDAP

CP-LDAP-RHXG06-16PN209212R1 | Published: 3/13

Gas conversion kit and instructions for Model LDAP

CP-LDAP-GC (11-17) PN208881R6 | Published: 3/13

Installation instructions for multiple heater control system

I-OPT-MH (2-16) PN102247 (Rev 8) | Published: 2/13

Instructions for installing an optional hanger kit

I-OPT-HK (04-18) PN98346R6 | Published: 2/13

Instructions for installing discharge air nozzles for Model LDAP

I-LDAP-N (Version A.2) PN 208899 Rev 3 | Published: 2/13

Instructions for installting 4-way louvers on Model LDAP

I-LDAP-L (0.1) PN208898R1 | Published: 2/13

Installation manual for Model LDAP

I-LDAP (01-19) PN207733R11 | Published: 2/13

Options available for gas fired unit heaters

OptionsAccessories | Published: 2/13

Unit heater catalog

C-UH | Published: 2/13

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